Provide the children we serve with consistent, supportive, and caring relationships to feel safe, confident, and motivated to succeed throughout elementary, middle, and high school, college, and beyond. Our vision is to connect with and redirect the lives of underserved and underprivileged youth by providing consistent support in a safe, fun and predictable environment.

How we do it:

We support our mission by providing the following free programs to over 200 children in Newtown and throughout the Greater Danbury, CT area…

  • A one-to-one mentorship program two days per week
  • A tutoring academy that serves our academically at-risk children four days per week
  • A weekend outdoor expedition program
  • A summer camp throughout the months of July and August

Mentorship   |   Ascension   |   Tutoring Academy   |   Expeditions   |   Summer Camp

Our Mentorship program takes place at Newtown High School and matches kids in 3rd to 8th grade with a high school mentor for one-to-one support, encouragement, and friendship. Mentors and Mentees take part in organized electives that cover health & wellness, academic enrichment, fine arts, community service, and athletics. 

Our curriculum is centered around a balanced framework that values wellness, academics, and various aspects of social development, including accountability and responsibility. However, the greatest strength in our curriculum is building and maintaining relationships that help our children grow into compassionate leaders within our community.

If you're interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us.

Our Ascension program serves at-risk children by removing obstacles and putting them on a trajectory for success. REACH Ascension is about helping children discover and believe in their inner greatness. We aim to recognize individual needs and cultivate an individualized plan to aid in the development of the whole child.

We do this by creating Individualized Ascension Plans (IAPs) with specific and measurable goals in the following areas: 1) Academics,  2) Wellness,  3) Family & Community,  4) Fine Arts, and 5) Athletics.

This is a systematic and collaborative approach that aims to:  1) Assess the child's present levels of learning & support,  2) Create individual goals for future achievement,  3) Design a series of intervention & enrichment steps to reach those goals,  4) Surround the child with the individual attention & resources to succeed, and 5) Celebrate achievement in all aspects of the child's life; from school & athletics to family & community.

Take a look at our At-Risk Support Model.

Our Tutoring Academy provides homework & study support, as well as healthy snacks, for our students. This all happens in a safe and predictable environment. Additionally, students are provided opportunities for exercise, games, and electives.

This affords the opportunity to provide intensive and individualized support in the following areas: Social Emotional Development, Academic Enrichment, Community Engagement (including Service Projects), and Extracurricular Opportunities. 

Our REACH expeditions provide invaluable, off-site opportunities to help empower our students to make a difference in their lives, schools, and communities through acts of inquiry, discovery, and experience.

Our goal is to provide challenging and unique experiences that safely inspire curiosity, cultivate peer & mentor relationships, and to motivate students to REACH further and challenge themselves.

Expeditionary learning opportunities include:  1) Canoeing & Kayaking Trips,  2) Hiking & Backpacking,  3) Fishing, 4) Camping,  5) Community Service Projects, and 6) Ropes & Zip-Line Courses.

In 2015, we launched our inaugural summer camp program, serving 35 REACH students. Our camp is headquartered at Cullens Youth Association facility, which provides the quintessential, rustic camp experience. 

During our six-week summer camp, students engage in outdoor expeditions, team-building activities, health & wellness experiences, water sports, fishing, swimming, summer reading, STEM electives, fine arts, and athletics. 

REACH relies on the generosity of our supporters to sustain our programs. If you'd like to show your support, please consider donating to REACH.